Am I Adventure Fit?


It's hard to determined that you are fit to do the adventures we offer. So, we thought, if we have some sort of classification system, it will help you decide which adventure into the jungle would suit you/your group. You will find our Malaysian outdoor adventure trips will have classifications to assist your choices. Here's what these classifications mean:

Difficulty Levels

Difficulty levels will give you a heads-up on what physical abilities or challenges expected when attempting an adventure trip. When possible we use the Yosemite Decimal System as the standard classification for outdoor adventures we describe.

Class 5

Technical free climbing involving rope, belaying, and other protection hardware for safety. Un-roped falls can result in severe injury or death.

Class 4

Simple climbing, with exposure. A rope is often used. Natural protection can be easily found. Falls may well be fatal.

Class 3

Scrambling with increased exposure. A rope can be carried but is usually not required. Falls are not always fatal.

Class 2

Simple scrambling, with the possibility of occasional use of the hands. Little potential danger is encountered.

Class 1

Walking with a low chance of injury.

Fitness Level

This classification will help you estimate your physical fitness in attempting any adventures. With this, you can avoid underestimating OR overestimating your fitness for an adventure.

Below Average

Able to walk on flat terrain for 30 minutes. Able to climb two flight stairs and don't feels like throwing up after. 


Able to walk, run or jog for at least 2 hour OR climb up 5 floors of stairs - struggles with any one of these but without throwing up or fainting.

Above Average

Able to run 10km without a single stop. Able to swim 1km and still have a jog later.

Outdoor Skills Level

Outdoors Skills are measured by the knowledge acquired, practices and actions displayed in an outdoor situation. Knowledge by itself is not as useful unless practiced frequently.


None or have not been on any jungle trails or any outdoor adventure. No camping or trekking experience.


Have been on trekking trails, rock climbing outdoors or jungle camping at least 2-3 times in the last 2 years.


Have been on trekking trails, outdoors exploring or jungle camping more than 20 times in the last 5 years. Have taken courses on jungle survival and first aid training.