About Open Sky Unlimited


Open Sky Unlimited is an outdoor adventure outfit in Malaysia that is part of the dream of 2 outdoor enthusiasts, Amos and the late Kevin. We pride ourselves as adventure guides, taking you on mountain treks, jungle hikes the rainforest, jump into waterfall pools, exploring river streams and waterfalls. We grew up to love the outdoors from our parents and mentors, who helped us see the beauty and exhilaration of the Malaysian nature and outdoor adventures. And now, we see the opportunity to help raise the standards of the Malaysian outdoor adventures with others

Amos: Co-founder and the Technical Director
malaysia_adventure45Amos' love for the outdoor required him to make some big changes in life. He left his career as an investment banker to pursue his lifelong dream of inspiring others about life through the outdoors. An avid rock climber, mountain trekker and all-round outdoorsman, Amos is technically sound with our adventure gears. The technical director in the partnership, he makes sure we've equipped our outfit with helmets, harnesses and ropes, tents and tarps, lamps and flints, etc, to make each Malaysian outdoor adventure we serve up, safer, wiser and enjoyable. He's our go-to-guy for our gears and gadgets, the hardware man.

Ben: Partner and Guide
malaysia_adventure45Ben has been exploring the DragonBack ridge and the surrounding jungle since his younger days as it is right at his backyard. Ben is an avid mountain and jungle trekker and also a road cycling enthusiast. Also a budding motorcyclist, his idea of fun is to cross state borders and even the far reaches of Thailand with his motorcycle. Savouring the great open road, an awesome adventure is always in store. Also an active participant in triathlons, half marathons, cycling races and scuba diving, just to name a few, he almost always seeks an adrenaline rush. Ben lives by a famous quote “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”. Ben left the concrete jungle after being in the banking industry for more than 10 years and joins Open Sky Unlimited in mid-2015 to seek a daring adventure. Reeking in excitement, he now proudly show our guests the mountain and jungle as his office.

The late Kevin: Co-founder and the Dreamer
tg_waterfall_abseil06From being wide-eyed watching flying fishes from a fisherman's boat at the age of 8 to attempting (that's another story) to walk around a 20-mile island at the age of 15, to jumping off an airplane at 31, Kevin dreamed constantly of the outdoors. A career freelance graphic & web designer, he was used to taking off into the jungle at a moment's notice. He had a great eye for beauty, in nature and for his wife and family. Previously the dreamer of the partnership, Kevin was the soft-ware man. He put together plans to explore, dream and discover for Open Sky Unlimited and for those brave enough to join in on the adventure. Sadly we lost Kevin in late 2013, but we will continue to keep in step with his spirit to dream big dreams for OpenSkyUnlimited.


We love the outdoors. We rock climb, are certified scuba divers, raced in adventure races, crawled in caves, face countless waterfalls, jumped off a plane at least once, talk and laugh a lot. With the combined experiences, technical skills, knowledge and love for the outdoors over 25 years, fused with an openness to constantly learn from the best in Malaysia, Asia and the world, we aim to contribute high standards to the outdoor adventure industry in Malaysia. We are qualified Wilderness First Responders (WFR), one of the many training's we will put ourselves through.